Richard MacAvoy - Director (Mechanical)

 Richard is a Registered Professional Engineer in Qld with 13 years experience. He has a sharp technical mind & good interpersonal skills. He has extensive building services mechanical engineering experience in Qld, the UK and NZ. 


Registered to practice in the Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland.

Alex Lim - Director (Electrical)


  Alexander is a Registered Professional Engineer in Qld with 21 years experience. He is able to work quickly & efficiently. He has a wide range of experience in building services electrical engineering in Qld, the NT & WA. 


Registered to practice in Victoria and Queensland.

Richard Stahl - Electrical Design Draftmen


 Richard has 12 years experience in electrical design drafting in a wide range of projects such as health, defence, education and commercial.   

Barry Freeman - Senior Mechanical Engineer


Barry is a Registered Professional Engineer who has been involved in a number of projects across multiple sectors within the building services industry, including High Rise Residential, Education, Health, Hospitality, Offices, Retail and Supermarkets. These projects have enabled him to interact with many different local and interstate design teams and clients.  

Rowan Marsh - Graduate Electrical Engineer

Rowan is a 4th year Bachelor of Engineering and Science undergraduate at USQ.

He has a high degree of communication skills acquired through his work at USQ, in volunteering and youth leadership positions

Mitchell Lawler - Graduate Mechanical Engineer


In his final year of an honours engineering degree, enthusiastically learning the trade.